Eddie Callis

IMG_3477In 2013 Eddie completed a Level 3 Access course in Art and Design at  Cornwall College.  Eddie has lived with (now controlled) Epilepsy since birth and although he had complex learning and behavioural difficulties, wasn’t diagnosed as being on the Autistic Spectrum until he was 18 years old.  “I felt like I came into a new world with the diagnosis”.

Eddie uses his art as an expression of a wide range of feelings and emotions that he sometimes finds difficult to express in other ways.  He now lives in Falmouth.  He is influenced by the creative community in Cornwall that surrounds him and the opportunities it allows. He is currently having a break from being commissioned to create portraits of people preferring to work on multimedia pieces and installations with the artist Stuart Blackmore at Krowji.  He also regularly performs playing harmonica and singing with his band The Travelling Time-Wasters and also performs, writes songs and provides artistic inspiration for ApexArts. He is an active member of the dance group Shallal2.