Anthony Austin

Anthony - Wave ProjectAnthony Austin has Downs Syndrome and is 40 years old. He was in a full-time Special school (Doubletrees. St. Blazey Gate. Cornwall) from the age of 7 until he was 19. He then went to a day care centre (Blantyre. St. Austell. Cornwall) for a further 20 years…
Anthony is lucky… he has had significant support from his close family network which allowed and encouraged him to become as independent an adult as possible. He can cook, clean, change bedding, do animal chores – in fact, he’s pretty “Normal” … all things considered. He would help out the staff at Blantyre, doing most things from painting to taking care of other service users and even helped out by running stalls on fete days etc.

The little boy with a learning disability that the world believed was notAnthony APJ aboutto amount to much was about to make his mark in encouraging other disabled people to grab life by the horns… and LIVE…(click to download Anthony’s Posite Journey)