Self Talk – How it Works

Positive Thinking and Self Talk

Evolution suggests that, as we are social beings, we may fear silence. This because in ancient times we would, as do all social animals, call out to each other making “contact calls” so as to maintain a sense of contact with the rest of the “herd” or “tribe”.

Silence was then a danger signal; nowadays it can be perceived with feelings of uneasiness and fear, akin to the movie-maker using silence to build tension.

In modern times, we may overcome this innate “fear of silence” by humming a tune, whistling or even listening to music on the radio or having the TV on “in the background”.

If we listen to children as they play, we can often hear them talking out loud as they indulge in their play. As we grow older, we sometimes use sub-vocal articulation where we say the words with our lips, but do not speak them. The next step is to not move the lips at all, but simply to indulge in an internal monologue with ourselves, as a way to avoid silence.

And how do we speak to ourselves, in the first person or second person? When we use the first person pronoun “I”, we usually are talking about our personal feelings. When we use the second person pronoun “You”, we are giving ourselves a call to action, a command of directive, if you will.

Research suggests that the use of the second person in positive self-talk, as part of a classical conditioning process, we can use this repetitive confirmation of a positive behaviour can strongly reinforce positive responses and actions. Use of the first person, with positive affirmations, directly addresses the emotional self. There needs to be a balance (as in all things in life) between the two.

Understanding and changing the way you talk to yourself can really get you a long way further ahead in this world. With a positive mental attitude in life, you can be healthier and be successful at anything you want to be when you think positively and engage in second person constructive self talk and first person affirmations.

When making a good decision you have to think positively prior to being able to handle the issue effectively. People make decisions all the time and wonder why in the world they said or did something and it simply does not work out the way they want.

We hear unfavorable things and our mind and our brains pick them up and stores them for further use on autopilot (subconsciously). Our subconscious mind thinks unfavorable thoughts making use of self talk to send them to us. We do what is being sent whether it is what we really want or not.

In order to make the best decision we need to change the way we think in such a way as to overpower the unfavorable ideas. Think positive: like I can do this or I will manage this alone. Keep duplicating these consistently until the subconscious quits and backs off to let your self talk become more positive.

If we are thinking and doing negative things in deciding what we will do, we will never ever get anywhere in this world. Our sense of well being will decrease pretty quickly since we will not be encouraged to get off our backsides and have a healthy workout or cook ourselves a healthy meal. Negative thoughts take control and we blow ourselves out of the water.

Do not let negative thoughts wreck your life – take control and start creating positive ones in your self talk and develop more of a healthy positive mental attitude. Learn self-management and gain confidence that you will not let negative thoughts have control over you.

There are many ways you can change the way you self talk, there are practice exercises that create positive thinking. When you sit down and chat with yourself, for example, you can really get to know who you are and begin to feel better about your self image.

Use whatever way you feel comfortable with as a starter to set things in motion. For instance, one of the first things you may tell yourself in self talk is in recognising that you have choices.

Self Talk – For A Better Life:

My choices are huge. I have the option to make my life better if I put my mind to it. These are thoughts you can use in self talk that can lead you into a conversation to assist you in discovering how to improve your quality of life.

Self talk is a healing practice. Self talk to some individuals is inner thoughts they hear daily. For example, your mind may tell you that you forgot something. You then use this trigger to figure out what you have actually forgotten. This is a type of self talk, yet to truly self-talk, you have to have regular interaction with yourself.

Self talk 1:

Do I have the ability to complete all my responsibilities today? Sure, I do. I can complete them. What I should do is knock off the huge tasks and then work through the smaller tasks. By the end of the day, I will have completed my tasks. I am going to start this minute.

Self talk 2:

I ate and drank too much last night. I feel worthless today. Am I useless? No, I am not; I simply slipped up and I will strive to prevent this error from happening again. I have now profited from my mistake.

Self talk 3:

Why do I make the same mistake continuously? Brainstorm: Exactly what was the error? Why is it an error? How is it a mistake? When did I initially make the error? Who was I around when I made the first error?

As soon as you learn, what the error is you can begin to acknowledge it as an error. Once you figure out why you made the error, you will begin to accept and find out ways to stay clear of the same mistake again. Determining the timeframe that you first made the mistake will likewise help you find the cause. If you can determine who influenced you, it will help you to get rid of the quality that causes you stress.

Self talk 4:

Individuals don’t like me. Why don’t people like me? Exactly what did I do so wrong to make people not like me? Brainstorm: What kind of individuals do you relate to? Do you need these people in your life? Possibly these individuals are judgmental and simply love to pass out blame to anybody.

Have you asked these individuals why they don’t like you? Maybe they do like you. Maybe you have an uncomfortable issue that you can sit and self talk through to discover the source.

Part of the issue perhaps is that you do not like your own inner image. How do you feel about you? Do you genuinely understand who you are? What is your attitude about life? What is your mindset about you?

Use self-talk and positive thinking to get to know yourself much better. This will help you discover responses that have been sitting in front of you all along. Research each element of your self-talk. When you talk with yourself, pay attention as you would if you were listening to your finest pal when they talk with you.

self talk

Self Talk – It is how you see yourself that is important

Health Through Positive Thinking

Make something of yourself and be healthier with positive thinking and self-talk. Repetitively, tell yourself each day that you will begin working out today. Set your goals now so that you know what you want in the future from your workout.

Do you wish to drop a size in clothing, lose weight, reinforce your muscles, or alleviate undesirable stress? You can do these things and more by thinking positive.

Set an objective and write it down on paper. This is a start of thinking positively. Composing a list of goals assists in alleviating tension and setting goals will offer you something positive to work for. Make your greatest goal at the top so you always remember what it is. As you reach, your goals check them off. This will help you see your potential and reinforce your progress when you start your positive thinking.

Rewards of a Positive Mental Attitude and Self Talk

Reward your self as you reach each objective. Buy yourself something new to wear. Put a note on the fridge when you lose that weight you worked every day to lose, purchase a new bike when your muscles get stronger and begin biking; laugh and have a good time. Boast of your success to yourself (and others if they listen and support you) when you reach each objective.

Do not stop thinking positively once you start to tick off your goals. Make brand-new ones to go even further to be even more successful. Don’t look back at where you were, however, always look forward with your positive thinking and self-talk.

Being positive will help to prevent many diseases and you will seem like a brand-new individual as you begin to see just how much better you feel simply by thinking positive.

Enjoy your brand-new wellness and happiness you have achieved for yourself through self-talk – you’ve come a long ways. Keep pushing yourself to be even more successful.

Continue your self-talk each day so that you establish a self talking daily routine. If you cease it will only set you back and you will have to start your self treatment all over again to attain your goals. You can also rely on support groups, supportive family members, friends, etc to reach your objectives. Just do it day-to-day to reach your goals.

Start right now!

Positive Thinking

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