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Zmogiskuju istekliu stebesenos ir pletros biuras (ZISPB) was established in 2010 in Siauliai, Lithuania. We have 7 employees. In order to fulfil its aims ZISPB has a lot of partners in various areas: social, educational, management.

Main objectives:

  • Observation, analysis and assessment of various social phenomena and processes in the field of social and educational policy;
  • Creation, adaptation and implementation various innovative social and adult educational initiatives and projects in the field of formal and non-formal education and social work providing training services to professionals and different target groups such like families at risk, offenders, ex prisoners.

ZISPB seeks to create or adapt new psychological services and training for the different groups of professionals working with social disadvantageous groups to provide them with information, counselling and educational activities; to initiate, participate and implement both local and international projects in the field of social work, formal and non-formal education; to improve skills, competences and knowledge to professionals and volunteers and provide them with methodical support. Any project that aims to provide new, non-tertiary vocational programmes to train community mental health workers is closely related with activities of ZISPB.

The competence and experience of ZISPB staff members permits perfectly to undertake the responsibility of Work Activities such as Quality Assurance, or Evaluation, which requires a high level of engagement and professionalism. Also the organization has a team highly competent to ensure the results are exploited within other activities. Staff competences also guarantee satisfactory technical and financial management of the ZISPB participation.

Currently the main activities of organization are:
1. Development and implementation of local and international projects mostly with socially excluded target groups.
2. Development and accreditation of different programs for post-graduated social workers, social workers assistants, nurses, manages, employers, volunteers, etc.
3. Training courses for post-graduated social workers, social workers assistants, nurses, manages, employees, volunteers, etc.

Support for other NGO in developing and implementing local and international projects.

ZISPB undertakes to coordinate the evaluation of the project: “A Positive Journey” as its prime role and will support all other activities of partners involved.

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