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Mental health charity, Plymouth & District Mind Association (PADMA): formed in 1984 and delivers mental health support to the people of Plymouth. In 2004 Plymouth Mind led a local consortium of 5 organisations, including the local office of a national organisation, Working Links, who have extensive experience in delivering Work Programme initiatives across the England, including Plymouth, in an EQUAL project looking at barriers to employment for refugees and migrant workers. This was, in turn, part of a transnational partnership that ceased in 2007. We assisted refugees and migrants in solving their social issues as an holistic approach to supporting them into the labour market.

We have since developed and transferred a level 3 community mental health training programme to Slovenia, Poland, Greece and Lithuania. We are well versed in developing training programmes with 2 members of staff having Cert Ed qualifications and Graham Nicholls also an NVQ assessor and approved internal verifier with City and Guilds and the Open College Network. Graham also holds a media production qualification; he has also delivered positive thinking workshops to a wide audience, and is known to be a motivational speaker, with several endorsements, to this, on “LinkedIn”.

PADMA also operates a UK Online Centre, helping people learn to use computers and the internet and networks regularly with the Chamber of Commerce and the Job Centre at strategic levels, locally. Plymouth Mind employs 13 staff, currently and many of them empower support groups, such as “Military in Mind”, “Explore Your Anger” and “How to manage your money”.  Members of staff responsible for creating these groups have developed their own expertise in these niche areas.

In January 2013 PADMA opened its “Plymouth Recovery College” to facilitate inclusion of disadvantaged participants who are willing to attend a “recovery college” but shy away from going to a mental health centre. The aim of the Recovery College is to help people move forward in their journey, fulfil their potential and attain a better quality of life. PADMA will lead the project: “A Positive Journey” and be responsible for all communication between partners and overall project management, including reporting back, on a regular basis, to the UK national agency. PADMA will host the project website and train all partners in updating sections of the site in own partner languages.

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