GR – Mental Health Center/General Hospital of Agrinio

MHCA is a Regional Public Organisation that belongs to the National Health System in Greece. We are funded only from the Greek Government. MHCA has 14 employees: psychiatrist, psychologist, sociologist, social worker, nurses, health visitors and so on. It offers not for profit mental health services to our regional province Aitoloakaranania (270.000 inhabitants) to teenagers and adults who face mental health problems. We are plan programmes that target the prevention, reconnaissance and therapy of the mental health problems relevant to declared community needs. All our services target the most appropriate therapeutic intervention for every person on an individual basis in cooperation with colleagues and look for best practices that deliver best results.

The services include:

• Psychiatric Diagnosis, and systematic follow up and therapeutic – pharmaceutical confrontation.
• Psychotherapeutic intervention to individual and groups.
• Psychological support.
• Psychosocial support and rehabilitation.
• Research
• Crisis intervention
• Visit at home – mobile psychiatric team.

In addition, a very big part of our job is the intervention to the community in order to inform, to sensitize the public for mental health issues. These services in cooperation with other local or national organisations are target to the prevention of the mental health problems through health and mental health educational programmes that take place to the primary and secondary education. We also target the prompt recognition of mental health problems through scientific information and removal of ignorance and fear (stigma) surrounding mental health issues through provision of training and education.

We have a lot of experience (more than 20 years) in education – more than 2,000 people in our province have been educated in small group work (15-20 persons per group). Also we are in collaboration with local and neighborhood public organizations who work in the field of mental health and also with the medical school of the University of Ioannina, and in particular the psychiatric department.

We have worked with many of the consortium partners on previous LLP training projects. In this project we will coordinate the “celebrity interviews” and collate all material for delivery of a Best Practice Guide containing the Media & Communication Learning Toolkit.

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