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Established in 1999 in Rimini, Cittadinanza is an Italian association that develops and supports, together with the World Health Organization (WHO), psychiatric rehabilitation and psychosocial projects in low income countries.
Cittadinanza operates with a public health approach and with the aim of promoting and defending the rights of people with mental disorders and their families.
Stigma, prejudices, shame and exclusion hit millions of mentally ill persons and their families in almost all the countries of the world, but especially in developing countries, where mental illness is often considered not a real pathology but a weakness, a punishment for immoral behaviour or ‘damnation’ from bad spirits. Even when recognized as a pathology, the assistance received is poor, inadequate and often inhuman, leading to isolation and abandonment.
Mental disorders are about the double in poor countries, but they rank quite low in the list of priorities of national health policies, which address mainly diseases with a high mortality rate.
Cittadinanza has therefore chosen to intervene in the mental health sectors of low income countries at both health and social level. Its interventions are thus focusing not only on treatment and rehabilitation but also on social reintegration of people with mental disabilities into their own communities.
In Italy, Cittadinanza organizes meeting of experts on mental health in order to share good practices and start new collaborations in this field and events open to all the community in order to sensitize about the importance of mental health for the complete well being of the individuals.
Cittadinanza also operates with the local Mental Health Department and other organization of the territory to develop projects for the inclusion of people with mental disorders in the labour market: for example, Cittadinanza supports a tailor’s shop, where 6 women suffering from psychiatric pathologies and living in distress are learning a job and are regaining their self-esteem and self confidence.

Cittadinanza will be responsible for coordinating Stakeholder Involvement to establish online networks of commonality, across the partnership, and engage actively in all partner meetings and support each partner in the delivery of the respective roles for which they are responsible.

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