Anthony & Linda Austin Journey

Producers of “A Positive Story” Book

Anthony and his sister Linda took part in a trans-national visit to Lithuania, as part of the Grundtvig funded project. Anthony enjoyed himself so much, and it had such a positive impact on him, that he was determined to go to the next meeting in Rimini, Italy.

Whilst there was insufficient funding to allow them to go a second time on the project visit, they decided to raise the funds themselves! This in itself is an amazing story and they decided to write about it in a book and dedicating it to the “A Positive Journey” project.

Here they are at the  Falmouth conference, telling everyone about their story.

Bonus: A Positive Journey Videos

Linda took 2 cameo videos on her mobile phone – one in Bologna, on the way back from the Italian project meeting and another at the Chaos Cafe during the final project meeting in Cornwall.

Anthony in Bologna:

Rory – Chaos Cafe Truro