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Hi – thank you for stopping by to read more about the author of this web site.  My name is Graham Nicholls and you can find me on LinkedIn:


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My title is “The Positive Journey King” – simply because I had this idea about positive thinking and positive images as a motivational vehicle and wanting to publish other people’s stories about their particular positive journey in life.

I then chatted to a friend of mine, Terry Stanton, who said the phrase: “life is a journey” whilst we were talking about this idea.  That is when the title “A Positive Journey” was born.

Life is full of transformational moments.

These are the moments when people think positively and make decisions that change their lives forever.  Some liken these moments to light bulbs being turned on in their heads.  For others, it can be like an epiphany – a sudden revelation.

Many are not so fortunate and are buried in the low troughs, often of their own making, that they do not recognise their talents; and sometimes, these talents have been buried because of their life experiences.  No matter how low people’s self esteem can be, no matter how low their levels of confidence may be, there is a talent in everyone! Begin with thinking positively to start the process.

This brings me to my first post on this web site: Desiderata.

I chose this because it was this piece of inspirational prose that has resonated with me my whole life.  I once thought of myself as one of those “dull and ignorant”, who also have their story but did not think anyone would want to listen.  As I went through life, I found more and more people who were interested in what I wanted to say and became more confident in my speaking and thinking more positively.

Since then, I have been published worldwide, yet always kept a low profile.  But how can I motivate and inspire others if I am ducking below the parapet?

In November 2012, I shared the stage (speaking about positive thinking) with other luminaries of the stature of Raymond Aaron who is a #1 NY Times Best Selling Author.  He spoke at length about “visibility” and the importance of writing a book, because people who have written a book, are seen as important.  A very simple philosophy – and it is one I did some research on.  I then discovered he was absolutely right!  Many millionaire authors began by writing a book, even when they had nothing to their name.

The Secret

A few years ago, I also had the good fortune to attend a 2 day seminar at the O2 in London with Andrew Reynolds.  I signed up to be one of his students and some of the inspirational literature he forwarded to me, astounded me.  It was a wake-up call.

I went on to watch “The Secret” (one of Andrew’s free gifts to me) every day for 2 months.  Each time I watched it, I noticed something, or heard something, that I missed the time before.  The bottom line, really, is that we can ALL be an inspiration to others; that the real secret to a positive journey, is to first raise yourself above the parapet so that others can see what is possible and be inspired.  Every person on the planet can be an inspiration to another person, but they often do not know it!

Positive inspiration – thinking positively

Before these recent events, I trawled the web reading and searching for nuggets of inspiration and posted them on web pages as a bit of a collection.  Even 20 years ago, i used to receive emails thanking me for the web site, because when they were “down” or going through a bad patch, they would go to those pages and find inspiration.

Sometimes, in life, we touch people we don’t even know we are touching – isn’t that amazing?

The Walking Inspiration

In September 2012 I had a conversation with someone, after speaking at an event in Romania.  I later received an email addressed to “the walking inspiration”.  I had not set out to be a walking inspiration when I had the conversation – I simply spoke about my experiences and put the law of attraction (and The Secret) into practice and advocated the power of thinking positively.

So many signals, in life, that I ignored – if that is true for me, then maybe, it is true for others?  So, “how can I change this?” became an active thought in my mind.

Getting the Thinking Positive Message

Quite often in life, there are catalysts that come in and out of our awareness.  Sometimes we see them, sometimes we don’t. In the words of Napoleon Hill (Think And Grow Rich) sometimes we are not READY to receive.  The signal is out there loud and strong, but, if the receiver is not “tuned in”, you will never get the signal.

Those of you who remember listening to the top 20 on Radio Luxemburg will know what I mean when I say it is like to tune in to a distant radio station!  It takes moments of silence and concentration, before the magic happens.  An analogy here could be meditation and focus before becoming aware of your own path in life.

Having a Goal

Whatever means you use, it is important to get a focus, a goal in life.  We all receive inspirations and that lead to aspirations, but often, we do not think about them or declare them even to ourselves and drift through life and ask ourselves where did all those years go.

A Positive Journey is going to change that for you.  It will provide you with triggers, time and time again, in swift repetition, so that the message will seep into your subconscious thinking auto-pilot that will then steer you directly into all the opportunities you have consciously been trying to avoid.


I am talking about paradigm changing tools that will change the way you think and empower you to go on your positive journey.

Bob Procter is also another motivational factor in my life – so much so that I bought the licences to some of his DVD presentations on positive thinking.  I am still offering these as a “bonus” for a retire early and rich presentation by Yanik Silver at how to retire early

I will be writing a piece to give my rendition of Bob’s thinking positively presentations here, on the site, and also reproducing it in the book.  If you want to see a snippet of the presentation I gave on having a positive mindset, I have posted the Power Point Presentation on my LinkeIn page.

Thank you once again for stopping by.

Graham Nicholls
The Positive Journey King
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